Best Sex Positions- What Does Sex Feel Like?

Best Sex Positions

Sex refers to the sexual activities of two people, of the opposite or maybe even of the same gender. It is not just an act of interaction to reproduce among humans but also done for pleasure.

What does it feel like?

A very vague question that is commonly asked by people, especially those of young age who are not engaged in any sexual activity, is that what does sex feel like? There is no straight answer to this question as it can bring different levels of enjoyment for different people.

Sex is different for everyone; it is not the same for both men and women. Even when talking about the same gender, every person may have their opinion about how sex feels. Some people have extremely high expectations of how good it feels which is why they can never live up to them.


How sex feel like for a woman?

Prior to discussing how it feels like to have sex with a woman, it is important to understand that the reason it feels different for different genders is that they both have different roles to play in such sexual activities. For a woman, sex can be painful for the first few times. This is because during vaginal penetration for the first time, the hymen starts to break causing severe pain and uncomfortable feelings. This is however only for the first few times, and if proper lubrication is used during intercourse, it can be a very pleasure filled experience for a woman.

Penile penetration stimulates a woman’s clitoris to such an extent that the sensation it provides is said to be incomparable with anything else. However, sex is not only limited to vaginal penetration,  but it also consists of many other things such as oral sex or anal sex. Oral sex, when received by a woman focuses on the vagina, especially the clitoris. Due to the presence of various nerves around the clitoris, its contact with someone’s mouth can sexually arouse a woman. On the other hand anal, penetration can provide a woman with different sensations, which are somewhat similar to vaginal sex, only that it can be more painful in the beginning.

What does sex feel like for a man?

Once again, it is not the same for all the men, and the feelings can only be vaguely described. According to men, vaginal sex can feel like your penis is wrapped inside a tight canal, which gives a sensation of heat and wetness. These sensations also depend on your partner, the inside state of her vagina, whether it is wet or dry. Wetness can significantly enhance the experience of sex for a man who provides just the right amount of friction, making it a smooth and enjoyable process.

To sum it all up, sex is not same for all and it does not only depend on the gender of the person having sex. Rather it is a complicated feeling having the various variables, and the exact feeling can be hard to describe.

For sex positions please watch the video:


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